To Prospective Applicants:

1. Preferences will be given to the candidate who had already earned his/her M. S. degree in Mathematics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. As we have joint program or close collaborations with Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Statistics in University of Kentucky, you are always welcome to apply/enroll in the CS, ECE, BME and STAT department in University of Kentucky and obtain full financial support if we decide to accept you. Please do drop me a note if you decide to apply the CS, ECE, BME and STAT in University of Kentucky.

2. Good GPA in major courses, especially mathematics and computer related courses.

3. Strong programming skill in C++ and Matlab is a must; experience with OpenGL is a strong plus.

4. You need to pass the basic English requirements for GRE and TOFEL required by University of Kentucky. Exceptional students who demonstrate strong research potential can discuss with me if they have relatively lower English scores.

5. You will work independently but receive detailed instructions and help from me during your Ph. D. stage. You will receive internship opportunities in your senior years. I expect both strong publication records and plenty of industry experience after your graduation.

Interested candidates please send me email to linyang711 at gmail dot com or lin.yang at uky dot edu with your resume. The subject of your email should be Application to UKY - Lin Yang (M. S/Ph. D candidate). Good luck for your application!




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