Species Cotesia vestalis (Haliday)


Cotesia vestalis (Haliday) is an important biological control agent of the Diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella, one of the most destructive pests of cruciferous vegetables practically throughout the world (Talekar, 1996). Consequently, the biology and efficacy of this parasitoid has been extensively studied (e.g. Chilcutt and Tabashnik, 1997a; Okine and Hu, 1998; Mitchell and Carpenter, 1999; Potting and Schuler, 1999; Kawaguchi and Tanaka, 1999; Waladde and Leutle, 2001; Wang and Keller, 2002; Liu and Jiang, 2003; Schuler et al., 2003). Recently, Shaw (2003) validated the name C. vestalis as the senior synonym of C. plutellae (Kurdjumov); therefore any prior literature referring to this species will use the name C. plutellae.


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