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Hayes/Striegel/Burchinsky/Zuraff/McBride Family Tree Documents:

I'm pretty sure about these:
Hayes/Downy (dating back to 1811)
Zuraff (dating back to 1815)
Burchinsky/Trebon (dating back to 1839)
Striegel/Hayes (dating back to 1903)
These may or may not be our direct ancestors:
Nemayer/Offenburger (1659)
Goeppert/Reinbold (1672)
Striegel/Bauer (1684)
Striegel/Hin (1690)
Striegel/Schwenderman (1858)
Michael Burchinsky

Salz Family Ancestry

These are photos of St. Mary's Church, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, Ireland. In this church, Thomas J. Hayes of Croagh married Margaret Frawley, the parish priest officiating, on April 12, 1861. The couple emmigrated to the US a few days later.
Exterior (front) Exterior (side) Main altar Vigil Candles - with electric switches! Side altar Side altar List of gravesites in church graveyard

Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size photo, some with more information.

Joseph and Great-Great-Grandmother Agnes Zuraff Burchinsky c. 1875

Great-Grandparents Bernhard and Lucy Young Striegel with John and Anna Burchinsky Salz on the Salz's wedding day in 1887

Great-Grandparents Lucy Young and Bernhard Striegel c. 1887

Great-Grandparents John and Ellen McBride Hayes on their wedding day in 1890

Great-Grandpa Bernhard Striegel with his American Standardbred "Verlie"

Baby Bernardine with Joseph, Harold, Laurina, and Hilda c. 1899

Laurina and her mother, Great-Grandma Lucy Striegel

Grandma Agnella Striegel Hayes as a Gypsy
Halloween 1916

Great-Grandma Lucy Striegel

Great-Grandpa Striegel on his daughter Laurina's wedding day, Oct. 16, 1917

Great-Grandma Striegel

Great-Grandpa Striegel

Great-Grandmother Ellen McBride Hayes

Nurse Bernardine Striegel

Hilda Striegel as a young woman

Grandma & Grandpa Hayes' Wedding

Grandma & Grandpa Hayes' Wedding, 1928

Grandparents Edward and Agnella Striegel Hayes

Mom at age 2, 1931

The Striegel Clan c. 1932

Grandma & Grandpa Hayes with Mom and Paul c. 1932

Uncle Paul Hayes c.1933

Mom's First Communion, 1937

Mom 1938

Bob and Mary Ann, Mary Ann's Baptism, Sept. 8, 1940

Mom, 1941

Kitty Beenken (mom's cousin), Nov. 1941

Jim, Bob, and Paul Hayes, June 1942

Bob, 1944


Kitty Beenken, Graduation, May 1945

Bob and Mary Ann, Easter 1945


Uncle Harold Striegel, 1945

Mom's new vanity, Dec. 1946

Paul 1947

Jim 1947

Mom and Mary Ann in front of their home

Mary Ann and her doll c. 1948

Mary Ann




Mary Margaret Salz and Mom in New York, Aug. 1948

Mom and Dad c. 1948

Mom, 1949

Mom's bridal shower, July 10, 1949

Mary Ann with Mom and Dad's car

Mary Ann and her accordian, Nov. 1953

Mary Ann, Nov. 13, 1954

Jim and Kathleen, May 21, 1955

Bob, 1956

Uncle Bob, Graduation from Loras College, June 1960

Grandma Hayes, 1963

Mary Ann, Graduation from Mercy School of Nursing, Cedar Rapids, IA, August 11, 1961

Laurina, Bernardine, Mary Ann, Grandma in New York City, 1961

Grandma Hayes, 1974

Grandma, Bernardine, and Hilda, Christmas 1977
Bernhard Striegel's obituary Bernhard Striegel's Naturalization Bernhard Striegel document 1 Bernhard Striegel document 2 Bernhard Striegel document 3 (front)
Bernhard Striegel document 3 (back) Bernhard Striegel document 4 (front) Bernhard Striegel document 4 (back) Hayes letter (front)
Hayes letter (back)