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visiting appointment 2013-2014 Harvard University [ website ]

Entrance to St. Paul's Cathedral, London | 2008

matthew w. wilson ph.d.
assistant professor
dept. of geography

university of kentucky

visiting faculty, 2013-2014
graduate school of design
center for geographic analysis
harvard university

New co-authored publication in Big Data & Society:
Big Data, social physics and spatial analysis: the early years
[ preprint ]
New publication in Cultural Geographies:
Paying attention, digital media,
and community-based critical GIS
[ preprint ]
New publication in Landscape & Urban Planning:
On the criticality of mapping practices:
geodesign as critical GIS?
[ preprint ]
New publication in The Canadian Geographer:
New lines?: Enacting a social history of GIS
[ preprint ]
New publication in Society & Space:
Continuous connectivity, handheld computers, and mobile spatial knowledge
[ preprint ]
New publication in the Journal of Transport Geography:
Geospatial technologies in the location-aware future
[ preprint ]
New co-authored publication in Annals of the AAG:
Practicing GIS as mixed-method: affordances and limitations in an urban gardening study
[ preprint ]
New co-edited special issue in GeoJournal:
Theorizing the Geoweb
New co-edited special issue in Environment & Planning A:
Situating Neogeography
New co-authored publication in Habitat International:
Terrae incognitae and the geographies and
cartographies of silence
[ preprint ]
New publication in The Professional Geographer:
Web presence of academic geographers: a generational divide?
[ preprint ]