Olga Malkova

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

University of Kentucky

The 2015 Dorothy S. Thomas Award

-For the best graduate student paper on the interrelationships among social, economic and demographic variables.

-Awarded by the Population Association of America (PAA).

The Heinz König Young Scholar Award

-For outstanding empirical research by a young scholar.

-Awarded by the Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW), Mannheim.

The IIPF Young Economists Award

-For a paper of scientific quality, creativity and relevance by an author under the age of forty.

-Awarded by the International Institute of Public Finance at the 70th annual Congress in Lugano, Switzerland.

The Gail R. Wilensky Fellowship in Health Economics

-For an outstanding student doing research in health economics.

-Awarded by the University of Michigan Department of Economics.

Rackham Merit Fellowship

-For a student who has "outstanding academic qualifications, show exceptional potential for scholarly success in their graduate program, and demonstrate promise for contributing to wider academic, professional, or civic communities."

-Awarded by the University of Michigan.

Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant