Tristano, Jeremiah and Olivier

2008: graduate student Tristano Pancani, laboratory technician Jeremiah Phelps and Olivier Thibault. In front of the electrophysiology setups.

Tristano is now a postdosctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Jeff Conn at Vanderbilt. If you want to follow his studies on muscarinic receptors in the striatum, Click here if you want to see him with gloves!

Jeremiah has been an MD/PHD student at Michigan State University and is almost done!


People 2009

2009: in the back: rotating student Lindsay Carter, Olivier, Tristano. Front: senior laboratory technician Katie Anderson, and Dunbar High School student Bethany Finley (MSTC).


People 2011

Dunbar High School student (MSTC) Douglas Shaw, Olivier, Dr. Tristrano Pancani, Katie

People 2011


2011: Bethany, Trevor Krovak (Dunbar High School student), Doug and Olivier


Tristano, Jeremiah and Olivier


Now: Katie, Tristano, Olivier, rotating graduate student Brian Hodge, and laboratory technician Chris DeMoll.

Team awesome


That's who we are! (design by Katie).


Katie and Scratch


Katie wins a signed basketball (Calipari), free tickets to a game and a huge hug from our Wildcat mascot Scratch.