Welcome to the Children At-Risk Research Cluster

College of Arts and Sciences, University of Kentucky

The Children at-Risk Research Group is an outgrowth of a hiring initiative in 2006-2008 that brought five new faculty members to the Departments of Psychology and Sociology. The group is comprised of researchers with interests in cognitive development, emotional development, social development, mental and physical health, trauma, substance abuse, and education. The core faculty has backgrounds in clinical psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive science, social psychology, educational sociology, medical sociology, social inequalities, and criminology. Group members share a commitment to basic research and theory development, and to the translation of theory and findings to real world settings.

Affiliated Faculty

Contact Information

General inquiries about the research group may be directed to:
Bob Lorch, rlorch@email.uky.edu or (859) 257-6826
Students interested in graduate study are encouraged to contact Bob and the affiliated faculty member(s) with whom they share research interests.