POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH AS SOCIATE AND GRADUATE RESEARCH ASSISTANT: A postdoctoral research associate and graduate research assistant are needed to participate in University of Kentucky-RheoGene collaborative research project on development of ecdysone receptor based gene switches. The project involves basic research on biochemical and molecular characterization of EcR-based gene switches in mammalian and insect cells as well as in yeast. Opportunities for training in biochemistry and molecular biology including studies on protein-protein interactions, receptors, cell culture, stable cell lines, real time PCR etc are available. These positions are available immediately with funding for two years and a possibility of extension based on progress and availability of funds. Financial support includes $13,000-$16,000 (GRA) and $25,000 to $35,000 (PDRA) in salary, tuition (GRA), health and life insurances and other benefits. For more information, please contact RPALLI@UKY.EDU. To apply, please send 1) a letter of application, 2) your Curriculum vitae, and 3) three letters of recommendation to S. R. Palli, Department of Entomology, S225 Agricultural Science Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40546, Phone: 859 257 4962, Fax: 859 323 1120.