Mexico Spring 2012

Exam #1: Questions

These are essay questions; you will need to answer three of the following questions. (There will also be short answer questions).

1. Compare and contrast traditional and modern (green revolution) agriculture in Mexico. What role do government subsidies play?

2. What were the agrarian underpinnings of the Mexican Revolution?

3. Pick one (or more) stories by Juan Rulfo and the events depicted with materials presented in class (or other readings)

4. Describe post-Conquest Spanish policies for settling and ruling 'New Spain', such as the Encomienda. Explain how and why these policies proved to be successful or failed.

5. Compare and contrast the goals and aims of the Liberals and the Conservatives in their conflict from the period of the Ley Lerdo until the Revolution.

6. Describe the rationale and importance of the French invasion to the 19th century conflict between the Liberals and the Conservatives.