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  • Accuracies in Vectorized and Digitized Stream Channels (David, KY)

    • Demonstration Image ..... LOG has successfully vectorized blue lines (stream channels) extracted from 1/24k Magoffin DRGs, using vision engineering, artificial intelligence, and sub-pixel vectorization techniques. In this digital map, LOG vectorized stream channels are shown in red while those of the TIGER file are displayed in yellow. Both the LOG and the TIGER vectors are superimposed over the medium blue (water) pixels of the original DRGs. Using an imaginary center line that threads through the centers of a string of blue pixels in the source DRG as a basis for evaluation, the estimated minimum positional accuracy (i.e. maximum locational inaccuracy) for all LOG vectorized stream channels (for the entire Magoffin county) is 4 feet. In comparison, it is seen that the intersection point (of yellow lines) is displaced about 34 meters (112 feet) away from it "true" location. A deviation of 50 meters (165 feet) between the TIGER lines and the imaginary center lines is commonplace elsewhere in this Tiger file.

    • The Network of Stream Channels in Magoffin County

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  • Landsat TM Image (May,1994)

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