Benchmarks in the Falling Rock Watershed

Using a laser EDM and the trigometric leveling method, 10 bench marks were monumented along a N60W transect line starting from a point (FR-0) near Drill Knob which is situated at the top of Falling Rock watershed in the main block of the Robinson Forest. Field surveys were concluded in August 1995, while computation and monumentation were finished in April 1997. Each bench mark is identified by a strip of laminated paper attached to a nail on a tree trunk. Additional identifications are given by the tree's common name and a numbered, round-shaped aluminum tag. The datums used are NAD83 and NAVD29 (MSL). Monument horizontal locations are given in U.S. State Plane Coordinate System (Kentucky South Zone). The vertical error is less 3 feet (positively biased). The horizontal accuracy of absolute point positions is approximately +/-180 feet in Northing and +/- 150 feet in Easting. However, the relative distance between any pair of bench marks is accurate to about 2 feet. Geographic locations, expressed in feet, of these bench marks can be viewed on the Falling Rock Watershed Image.

Bench Mark ID Tag ID Tree Northing-ft Easting-ft Elevation
FR-0 104 Hickory 2065231 2401957 1386
FR-1 107 Birth 2065523 2401517 1256
FR-2 108 White Oak 2065803 2401031 1113
FR-3 109 Yellow Popular 2066121 2400462 1120
FR-4 110 Basswood 2066383 2400027 1034
FR-5 111 Cucumber Tree 2066723 2399490 1077
FR-6 112 Sourwood 2066960 2399018 1183
FR-7 113 White Oak 2067241 2398578 1158
FR-8 114 Pine 2067469 2398179 1146
FR-9 115 Maple 2067712 2397750 956

Robinson Forest High Accuracy Monuments

Three Robinson Forest high accuracy monuments were established in May
1997, using satellite (GPS) and terrestrial (tansit) survey techniques.
The geodetic datum is NAD83 and the positioning accuracy is one
centimeter (RMS) horizontal.

Coordinate System - SPCS, 1602 (Kentucky South)
Monument Number Location Name Northing (ft) Easting (ft) Elevation (ft)
RF GPS #1 White Oak 2063775.7310 2402430.0970 1014.4788
RF GPS #2 Wet Fork 2070342.4173 2399869.3166 1111.8223
RF GPS #3 Big Millseat 2066321.4052 2396805.4606 1035.4695
Coordinate System - Geodetic
Monument Number Location Name Latitude (ddmmss.s) Longitude (ddmmss.s) HAE (m)
RF GPS #1 White Oak 37-28-01.2809N 83-07-26.5886W 277.0550
RF GPS #2 Wet Fork 37-29-06.8840N 83-07-56.0844W 306.7273
RF GPS #3 Big Millseat 37-28-27.9805N 83-08-35.4605W 283.5026

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