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Case Analysis and Recommendation Summaries

Sample CARS 1: NUCOR


Oral Reports
Sample Report:  IBP

Full Written Reports*
Sample Report:  Fuji-Xerox



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Case Analysis and Recommendation Summaries (CARS)

         Here is an abbreviated, unformatted example CARS (without supporting exhibits):

o        Explorer Inc. should not enter the Z industry because:

         Five-forces and competitor analyses reveals that the long-run attractiveness of industry X will likely erode for three reasons:

         Slow industry growth (-5% per year forecasted)

         Lower barriers to entry (loss of proprietary technology enables potential competitors to enter with only $50MM investment)

         The top two industry incumbents (Big Inc. and Dominator Inc.) have reputation for fiercely defending market share (each has slashed prices and increased advertising budget by 40% when threatened by new entrants)

o        Develop and introduce a differentiated, high-margin version of its product in the W industry:

         Strategic group analysis reveals potential underserved customers in the X-Y market space who value "quality" and "image"

         Explorer already enjoys a sustainable advantage in the A and B value-generating activities, which cannot be easily imitated by competitors in industry W

         To improve quality and image, co-brand and co-market with Upscale Inc., best known for their quality reputation in the Q industry (which is related to W through J and K)

         Create joint advertising campaign during televised PGA golf tournaments

         Feature Upscale's logo prominently on Explorer's packaging

         Allow Upscale to distribute differentiated version of product

Oral Reports

Report Content and Structure

*  Refer to the Fuji-Xerox written report (above) to provide some content and structure ideas and guidelines.

In terms of organization and content, you are welcome to present oral reports using any format/style you see fit.  However, each case report will often include the following components in some form or fashion:

(NOTE: It is not necessary to have one-for-one goal-action pairs. In some instances, specific strategic actions can relate to more than one goal.) Your overall plan of action and set of goals should, in many cases, be challenging, yet achievable -- creative and innovative, yet feasible.

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