MGT 610 - Course Schedule Spring 2005
Readings, Assignments, and Lecture Notes

          MGT 610-001 meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30-1:45 p.m. The schedule is laid out accordingly.

          MGT 610-401 meets weekly on Wednesdays from 6:00-8:30 p.m. Students are responsible for material scheduled on both Monday and Wednesday below.

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Monday Session

Wednesday Session


JAN 12


Introduction - Discussion of Syllabus, etc.



JAN 17


M. L. King Day – No Class

JAN 19


Issue Exploration/News assignment


  • Find article about some aspect of global management
    • Context of global management
    • What companies/industries are doing
    • Effects of global/international firm activities or government policies, etc.
  • Be prepared to discuss in class
    • What?
    • So What?
    • Now What?


What is Globalization and its Consequences?

Web: Globalization: Who’s Up, Who’s Down?

Web  To be Global is to be Happy?

Web: Trade, poverty and terrorism?


JAN 24


Going Global


Text:  Ch. 1: 1-15 (The Internationalization Process)

VIDEO:  "Made in America ... Who's the Enemy"

Reading: Economic Gains from Trade: Comparative Advantage

Article: In the Lead – Toy Maker Survives by Moving and Icon from Ohio to China (WSJ)



JAN 26


Overview of the International Political Economy


Video: The Economy, Stupid! (CBS 60-Minutes)

Web Policy Overview for Japan (2001)

Web Policy Overview for Mexico (2001)

Web Policy Overview for the EU (2001)


JAN 31


Foreign Exchange Rates (Notes)


Web The Big Mac Index (The Economist)

Web: Let the Dollar Drop (The Economist)


The Role of Transnational Organizations in the IPE


Web: USTR’s WTO Page (see Briefing Book & Fact Sheets, etc.)

Web:  What's so scary about trade and the WTO?

Web:  The WTO





Managing the IPE


Text: Ch. 12: 100-111 (Strengthening International Government Relations)

Video: Smith/Corona vs. Brother

Video: VERs




Economic Integration


Reading: Are regional trade agreements a good idea? (The Economist, OCT 1, 1998)

Web: USTRs Study on the Effect of NAFTA

Web Anti-NAFTA

Web:  The European Union On-line


Web: Anti-FTAA





Case Report: Volkswagen



o      How does NAFTA challenge VW to reconfigure their global/North American supply network? What is your recommended ‘flow’ for auto components, finished vehicles, cash, etc.?

o      Can VW compete in the U.S. market from outside the U.S.? What new strategies should VW develop?

o      How should VW relocate and reconfigure its key value-adding activities, such as production, design, marketing, supply chain, financial management, etc.?


FEB 14


Entry Modes


Text:  Ch. 1: 1-15 (The Internationalization Process)

Handout Electra

Web: Exporting Basics


FEB 16


Case Report: MontGras



o      How should MontGras reenter the U.S. market?

o      Once in, what specific strategies and tactics should MontGras carry out to ensure success?

o      What the most important internal and external factors that drive these decisions?


FEB 21


The Competitive Environment


Reading: Global Strategy…In a World of Nations? (Sloan Mgt Review)

Article: Cracking China’s Market (WSJ)



FEB 23


International Strategy

Text Ch. 8: 36-59 (International Strategy Formulation)

Article: Boss Talk – One Size Doesn’t Fit All, Limits to Globalization (WSJ)


Organizational Structure


Text: Ch. 9: 60-80 (The Impact of Globalization on the Organization of Activities)


FEB 28


CEO Lecture: John Allison (CEO, BB&T Bank)

“Leadership and Values”


o      1:00 – 2:15 p.m.

o      Memorial Hall



Case Report: P&G Vizir



o      Can P&G develop a global strategy (well, actually a pan-Europe strategy) for Vizir?

o      What are the important conflicting forces that drive strategy?

o      What are your specific recommendations for the European Zone Manager for P&G’s liquid laundry detergent business unit regarding P&G’s European strategy choices for:

o        Product formulation

o        Production location(s)

o        Packaging variety

o        Marketing and promotion activities

o        Pricing

o        Distribution channels




Case Report: Nestles



o      Which international strategy should Nestles adopt for its global marketing activities?

o      What type of organizational structure should Nestles adopt (focus only on marketing activities)?

o      What control mechanisms are necessary to support your recommended marketing strategy?





Case Report:  Booz-Allen & Hamilton



o      Given that it produces services, as opposed to products, how “global” is the consulting business?

o      What is the “product” being sold and what are key value chain activities to be located and configured?

o      In this industry, how do strategy/structure choices affect people? …knowledge?

o      Provide your detailed recommendations for Booz’s:

o        International strategy

o        Entry mode choices

o        Organizational structure

o        Key value chain activities

o      Can Booz develop and leverage synergies across their strategic business units (SBUs – i.e., key practice units and industry units) to improve their international strategy and effectiveness; or, should each SBU develop and carry out their own strategies?


MAR 14-18


Spring Break



MAR 21


International Joint Ventures


Text Ch. 7: 16-35 (The Design and Management of International Joint Ventures)



MAR 23


Quiz #2


Case Report:  Nora-Sakari



Put yourselves in a consultant’s shoes and provide both Nora and Sakari with your specific recommendations (in a single report commissioned by the companies) as to the motivations, structure, and modes of cooperation for their proposed joint venture. Your recommendations should explicitly consider:

o      What is Sakari’s overall international strategy? What does it want?

o      What is Nora’s overall international strategy? What does it want?

o      What role should the joint venture play in facilitating each company’s intended strategy?

o      Which are the most important negotiation issues (considering those covered in the case and others that you come up with) and how, exactly, are they related to:

o        Firm capabilities

o        Entry mode choice

o        International strategy choices and implementation

o        Timing


MAR 28


FINS Briefing and Kick-off


Article: MNCs vs. Multilatinas (s+b)



MAR 30


FINS Kick-off



MAR 31-APR 10





APR 11




APR 13


Global Leadership: New Challenges, New Mandates


Text Ch. 7: 81-99 (The Global Manager)

Web: The New Global Business Manager



APR 18


The Social Environment


Video: Protection of Dolphins in Tuna Fishing

Web: Coke: The New Nike

Web: Killer Coke

Web: Coca-Cola’s Citizenship Statement and Response

Web: Starbuck’s FairTrade Blend

Web:   Save the Dolphins

Web Flipper Seal of Approval

Web:  Nike Sweatshop Watch

Web Corporate Social Responsibility Forum

Web Ethical Trade Initiative

Web Business for Social Responsibility Resource Center


Web Social Investment Organization

Web: U.S. State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (1999 reports only)


Take Home Assignment:

Pick any international company or global industry that is significantly influenced by one (or more) of the "social" issues that interest you.  Taking the perspective of the company's top-management team, appointed task force, or external consulting team, be prepared to discuss the following:

o      Overview and background w/respect to how the issue impacts the company

o      Describe issue in greater detail (list relevant political, legal, social, ethical, economic, and/or strategic drivers)

o      If issue not resolved, describe how issue will impact company's international strategy, operations, value chain activities, financial performance, etc.

o      Drawing from global management concepts and frameworks, what are YOUR strategic recommendations that simultaneously attenuates the effect of the issue and at least maintains (and hopefully improves) current profitability levels, market share, stock price, etc.


APR 20


Case Report:  Levi Strauss



o      What is the nature of the ethical/social challenges that Levis faces?

o      How, exactly, do they impact choices relating to entry mode, international strategy, supply chain management, marketing, corporate reputation management, etc.?

o      In terms of decision making process, what should Levis do?

o      In terms of entry mode, international strategy, supplier contracts, PR, etc., what should Levis do?


APR 25


The Impact of Culture on Global Management


Reading: National Culture and New Product Development (Journal of Marketing)

Web:   Culture and Organizations

Web:   Culture and Global Marketing

Web Managing Expatriates I

Web:   Managing Expatriates II


APR 27


Case Report:  Lincoln Electric



o      What are the key cultural differences between Indonesia and the U.S.?

o      How does culture influence entry mode and international strategy?

o      How does culture influence organizational culture and the effectiveness of HR systems and policies?

o      With respect to HR, what should Lincoln do?