University of Kentucky
School of Library and Information Science
Administration, Faculty, & Staff

The faculty at the University of Kentucky School of Library and Information Science is a tremendous resource of which we are justifiably proud. Click on the highlighted names to learn more about their current projects and past achievements.

Administrative Officers

Charles T. Wethington, Jr., Ph.D.

Daniel R. Reedy, Ph.D.
Dean of The Graduate School

Douglas A. Boyd, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Communications and Information Studies

Donald O. Case, Ph.D.
Director of the School of Library and Information Science

Dennis P. Carrigan, M.P.A., M.S.L.S.
Assistant Director of the School of Library and Information Science

Paul A. Willis, J.D., M.S.L.S.,
Director, University Libraries


Lawrence A. Allen
Professor Emeritus-B.S., Boston College; M.S., Simmons College; Ph.D., Chicago

Donald O. Case
Profesor-B.A, Evergreen State College; M.L.S., Syracuse; Ph.D., Stanford

Robert E. Cazden
Professor Emeritus-B.S., UCLA,- M.A., Southern California; M.L.S., California (Berkeley); Ph.D., Chicago

Lois M. Chan
Professor-A.B., Taiwan; M.A., Florida State; Ph.D., Kentucky

Susan A. Cooper
Assistant Professor-BA, Northern Kentucky University; MA, Northern Kentucky University; Ed.D., Cincinnati

Michael H. Harris
Professor-B.S., North Dakota; M.S.L.S., Illinois; Ph.D., Indiana

Ling Hwey Jeng
Assistant Professor-BA, Taiwan; M.L.I.S., Ph.D., Texas

Xia Lin
Assistant Professor-B.S., Fujian; M.L.S., Emory; Ph.D., Maryland

Anne Y. McConnell
Associate Professor Emerita-BA, Kentucky; M.S.L.S., Kentucky, CAS., Illinois

JoAnn V. Rogers
Professor-BA, Connecticut College; M.L.S., Columbia; Ph.D., Pittsburgh

Donna Shannon
Assistant Professor-B.A., Florida; M.A.L.S., South Florida; Ph.D., North Carolina

Timothy W. Sineath
Professor-B.A., Florida State; M.S., Florida State; Ph.D., Illinois

Joy Terhune
Associate Professor Emerita-BA, Murray State; M.A., Murray State; M.S.L.S., George Peabody, Ed.S., Vanderbilt

Thomas J. Waldhart
Professor-B.S., Wisconsin; M.S.L.S., Wisconsin; Ph.D., Indiana

Adjunct Faculty

Dennis P. Carrigan
Assistant Director, College of Library and Information Science-B.A., Youngstown State; MA, Fletcher School, Tufts University-, M.P.A., Harvard; M.S.L.S., Kentucky

Bradley O. Grissom
Head, Biological Sciences Library, University of Kentucky-B.A., Kentucky; M.S.L.S., Kentucky

Mchael J. Lach, Jr.
Associate Director, M.I. King Library, University of Kentucky-B.S., Northeastern University; M.S., Simmons College

William J. Marshall
Assistant Director for Special Collections, University of Kentucky-BA, Heidelberg; M.A-, Kent State; M.S.L.S., Kent State

Sandra McAninch
Head, Reference &Government Publications Department, M. I. King Library, University of Kentucky-A.B., Florida Southern; M.S., North Carolina; Archives Certificate, Georgia Archives and History

Ling-yuh W. (Miko) Pattie
Assistant Director for Technical Services, M.I. King Library, University of Kentucky-B.A., Taiwan University-, M.S.L.S., University of Kentucky

Lois M. Schultz
Northern Kentucky University-B.S., Kentucky; M.S.L.S., Kentucky; M.B.A., Xavier

Elizabeth M. Shier
Owner/Manager of Owl & Pussycat Bookstore, Lexington-B.A., Kentucky; M.S.L.S., Kentucky; M.A., Kentucky

Jacqueline Van Willigen
Librarian, Crawford Junior High School, Lexington B.A., Arizona; M.A., Wisconsin

Theresa Wesley
Reference Librarian, Northern Kentucky Univer sity-A.B., Western Kentucky University; M.S.L.S., Kentucky


Nancy Dare
Administrative Assistant to the Director

Joe Miller
Coordinator of Computing Services

Tina Moorhead
Admissions Assistant

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