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Area Code for UK: 859

Office of Undergraduate Admission

Office of Undergraduate Admission 866-900-GO-UK
Fax: 859-257-3823

Admission Officers

Contact admission officers at (859) 257-2000


Admission Officers Domestic Students with Last Names Other Phone
Sharon Murphy A-Co Paducah Engineering 859-257-6168
Pam Bolton Cp-Ha Robinson Scholars 859-257-3793
Michelle Garth Hb-I  Athletes 859-257-3908
Cathy Mott J-Me   859-257-7159
Kayla Powell Mf-P   859-257-1806
Adam Higginbotham Q-S   859-257-7417
Stephanie Knutson T-Z   859-218-4063
Patrick Justice   International Students with the last names A-K 859-257-4708
Eugene McKnight   International Students with the last names L-Z 859-218-0124
Nathan Rice Transfer students with Last Names A-K   859-218-1726
Karie Owens Transfer students with Last Names L-Z   859-257-3979


Visitor Center

Taylor Blair Director 257-7724
Bernadette Cortez Associate Director 257-3547


Manager Lonnie Mayfield 257-4201
Data Entry Specialist Rachel Madden 257-4924
Data Entry Specialist Donna Sykes 257-4924
Staff Support Amanda Jewell 257-2985

Advising Conference and Residency

Associate Director Stephen Barnett 257-3256
Assistant Director of Admission and Residency Officer Shelley Duncklee 257-3256



Senior Associate Director Jonathan Blazejewski 257-5091
Associate Director of Diversity Recruitment Buzz Burnham 323-6342
Office Manager Nathan Davis 257-7151


Admissions Counselors


Shelley Sizemore 257-5269
Cara Franke 257-8126
Asia Payne 502-649-8726
Ashley Hermann 257-1695
Bryan Kennedy 257-5217
Holly Sandlin 218-1360
Grayson Jenkins 257-0074
Eric Orr 257-0075 
Greg Robinson 257-0076 
Joia Patterson 257-0066
Anna Harris 257-5261
Grace Thompson 257-5095
Becky Poskin 257-0067
Lindsey Booth 257-2104
Hannah LeGris 257-3150
Lindsey Atkinson 257-2744

Adult Student Services

Undergraduate Admission   257-2000

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Office of the Registrar: Staff Directory


Enrollment Management Organization Chart

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