Welcome to the Block & Bridle Club!

The National Block & Bridle Club members are college students from all over the country who are interested in farm animals. Local Block & Bridle clubs are affiliated with the national organization and the clubs get together once per year at the national convention.

The objectives of the Block and Bridle Club are:

  To promote a higher scholastic standard and a more complete understanding of the field of Animal Sciences among student members, and

  To promote Animal Sciences through the development of a program of activities, especially all phases of student Animal Science work in colleges and Universities, and

  To bring about a closer relationship among all students pursing some phase of the Animal Sciences as a profession.

The emblem of the Block and Bridle Club is:

A large "B" with a meat block and cleaver in the upper half and a bridle in the lower half.

The insignia for the Block and Bridle Club are:

Colors - royal purple and navy blue

Flower - lilac

There are currently 92 active Block and Bridle Clubs.

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