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Public Health Entomology Laboratory Webpage

The University of Kentucky’s Public Health Entomology Laboratory provides teaching, research, and service regarding insect-borne diseases and other arthropod related human health problems. 

The Lab provides services to the professional and lay community in the area of public health education. 

We maintain a reference collection of the commonwealth’s mosquito fauna, as well as other arthropod vectors.  Insomuch as possible, the lab provides mosquito, tick, sand fly, and other vector identifications for state and county public health authorities, and answers questions from the public and media concerning public health entomology issues.

The lab carries out cooperative research projects with many various organizations, both public and private.  These programs include disease surveillance programs, vector ecology research, and public health education. 

Laboratory staff are available to address questions from the media concerning insects and other arthropods posing a public health threat. 


University of Kentucky, Entomology

S225 Agricultural Sciences North

Lexington, KY 40546-0091

Phone: 859-257-3148

Alternate: 859-257-7450

E-mail: PublicHealthEntLab@uky.edu

Director: Grayson Brown