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UK Auxiliary Services
FIXIT Request Form

If you have an Emergency, call FIXIT (323-4948) immediately.

Examples of a Priority or an Emergency FIXIT are fires, floods, water leaks, plumbing stoppages, refrigerators which stop working, and heat or air conditioning units that do not work. Maintenance crews will respond to emergencies as soon as possible. All other requests will be handled within a 24 hour period. Please understand that due to the volume of calls experienced by our maintenance staff it is not feasible to schedule appointments.

This form is for maintenance, laundry equipment, furniture and pest control problems only. This form is reviewed Monday - Friday from 7:30 am to 3:45 pm. Job orders are issued upon review.

Request Details

If you live in a Residence Hall, please fill out the information under the "Residence Hall" heading. If you live in Graduate & Family Housing, please fill out the information under the "Graduate & Family Housing" heading. Once you have filled in your housing information, please fill in ALL the fields under the "Requested By" heading, unless otherwise noted.

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Residence Halls
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If staying in a suite with 2 - 4 bedrooms, please indicate which bedroom you are requesting service for.
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Graduate & Family Housing
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Description of Request:
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