Accommodated Testing Services

Accommodated Test Proctoring Services

Students registered with the DRC for academic accommodations may receive various accommodations related to testing. Faculty are encouraged to make arrangements for the students' accommodations in the department, however if there is not  space or personnel available, accommodated test proctoring is available through the DRC by completing the online Accommodated Test Proctoring Service request form. Guidance regarding the utilization of this services by faculty is provided in this video link


Guidance to Faculty Seeking to Schedule an Examination


If accommodation arrangements cannot be made within the academic department, a request can be submitted by the instructor to the DRC Accommodated Test Proctoring Service.

To be eligible for the testing accommodations, students must  present a valid Letter of Accommodation (LOA) for the current academic year. Students are instructed to provide this letter to faculty at the beginning of the semester or at least a minimum of seven working days before the examination.  Requests for semester examinations through the DRC proctoring services must be made seven working days in advance and contingent upon available space. Requests to schedule a Final Examination through the DRC must be submitted no later than close of business on the Friday that is 2 weeks prior to finals week.

  • The exam time and location will be determined by DRC exam coordinator based on the availability of testing space and proctors.
  • Check the online schedule for the details of the exam(s) 1-2 days before the scheduled exam. Exam schedules will be posted on the homepage of our website as soon as they are complete for the student and instructor to view. Please share the below information with your student(s).

Students/Instructors should view the UK DRC Accommodated Exam Schedule 1-2 days before an upcoming exam date at the following link: Click here.

  • Faculty must deliver the exams to the DRC office by 12:00 pm (noon) the day prior to the scheduled exam. Exams can be delivered by email, fax, or hand delivery.
  • Completed exams are to be picked up by the instructor, or whom they designate, the day after the scheduled exam at the DRC office between 8 am-5 pm Monday through Friday.

Again, please note that scheduling exams through the DRC exam service is optional; thus, academic departments who have the resources to provide accommodated exams are encouraged to do so.

Throughout the semester we recommended that students confirm with their faculty prior to each exam/quiz their accommodations and arrangements. Prior to the day of the exam, the DRC office suggests that the instructor detail all exam arrangements to the student in writing (re: email) and ask that the student reply to confirm those arrangements. If you have any questions about how to meet any accommodations please contact the DRC.



When a student does not show up for their scheduled examination, the faculty member will be notified. Should the faculty allow the student to take a make-up examination and it cannot be administered in the department, the Accommodated Test Proctoring Center can rebook if there are space and proctors available.

Unethical Behavior

In the event a student is observed to be acting in a manner which is determined by DRC staff that  unethical testing behavior on the examination may have occurred,  the test documents and materials will be collected and the student will be asked to leave the testing area. The faculty will be informed of the incident. 

Test Pick-up

Exams/quizzes will be ready for faculty, or their designee, to pick up the next work day after the student completes the test. Because of volume this time period may increase during finals and mid terms. 


General Guidelines for Students Using the Accommodated Test Proctoring Center:

If you are a CURRENT UK STUDENT who needs exam accommodations, you must have a valid Letter of Accommodation. Most accommodation letters can be accessed through the Online Accommodation Letter Portal.

Once the Letter of Accommodation is generated, it is the student’s responsibility to distribute the letters to your faculty members as early in the semester as possible. At a minimum, faculty should be provided the Letter of Accommodations seven days or more prior to the first exam or quiz. Throughout the semester it is highly recommended that students confirm with faculty prior to each exam or quiz of the necessary exam accommodations and arrangements.

Faculty may schedule accommodated testing in their department if they have the necessary resources to do so.  As long as the faculty can meet the space and resource testing accommodation needs - it is considered adequate. Instructors also have the option of Using the Accommodated Testing Proctoring Services should the resources or space not be available within the department.

For exams/quizzes scheduled through the Disability Resource Center:

  • A space will be scheduled to meet individual accommodation needs
  • Students should arrive a minimum of five minutes before the scheduled exam time
  • Students are required to bring a Photo ID
  • Not every exam will be scheduled in the same room/location
  • Students should bring all necessary auxiliary aids to their accommodated exam.
  • Exam proctors will not allow phones or other electronic devices into the testing room.
  • Students should expect to receive the specific testing accommodations stated in your accommodation letters during a test. 
  • Exam Times will be arranged as close to the scheduled exam time as possible OR during the time the DRC has available resources. Allowances cannot be made for jobs, extra curricular activities, projects, etc. If an exam time overlaps with an internship‚ TA position‚ or other mandatory academic position, documentation must be provided to the testing coordinator and your instructor at the beginning of the semester.

If a student feels that they require additional testing accommodations for those listed on your accommodation letters please contact your Disability Resource Center Consultant to discuss eligibility.


Exam Schedule

The link to the Accommodated Testing Schedule can be accessed here.



Students receiving testing accommodations have the responsibility of honest‚ ethical test taking behavior and of maintaining the integrity of the test. Cheating will not be tolerated and Disability Resource Staff are required to report any suspicious behavior by the student to the faculty.Students utilizing the Accommodated Testing Services will be monitored either in person or through the DRC camera monitoring system. All testing activities in the Accommodated Testing Services area are digitally recorded and can be used by the University in any test integrity investigations. Disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the faculty.

Testing Attendance Policies

When a Student does not present for a scheduled examination with the Accommodated Testing Service and fails to contact the office prior to the scheduled time, faculty will be notified and the faculty member will determine if a make-up is allowed. However‚ the Disability Resource Center reserves the right not proctor any make-up exams because of room availability. Students who miss two exams and fail to contact the DRC prior to the scheduled test time may be ineligible for future accommodated exam services.


Inclement Weather Policies

If classes are canceled or delayed the exams scheduled for that day/time period through the DRC office will not take place as scheduled. The DRC office will NOT automatically reschedule the exams scheduled during a delay or closure; instead we request that all instructors work with their students to reschedule the exam together within their offices or departments. If this is not possible then the DRC will take one by one requests from the instructors to reschedule the exam(s) and work them in as soon as possible after the university reopens; please note this could take some time so trying to schedule the exam(s) within the department is strongly suggested.