Apply for Services


Students are encouraged to apply for DRC services upon admission to the University to ensure the timely delivery of service. To begin that process, the following actions are required:


Completion of Intake Form

To initiate a request for services, students have the option to complete the online Intake Form , or call the DRC office to set up an appointment. Students will need their Link Blue username and password to access the online Intake Form. The DRC prefers to have documentation of disability or medical condition before the initial meeting, but may be submitted at the time of the appointment. A captioned video explaining the process can be viewed by clicking on this link.


Documentation of Disability

All students requesting accommodations with the University of Kentucky must provide support for accommodation requests. This is done by providing documentation of disability and/or medical condition(s). Please review the Disability Documentation Guidelines to establish what is needed for your specific disability or condition. Ideally it is preferred for your documentation to be uploaded with your online intake form. You may also have the information delivered in person to the office, by fax at 859-257-1980 or via email at  If you choose to utilize the online intake form, do not include documents more than 20 pages in length. Please bring larger documents to your initial interview.


Do not postpone the  meeting with the Disability Resource Center out of concern for not having the correct (or any) documentation. If needed, the consultant can discuss with you any specific documentation needs during your initial meeting.


Schedule an Appointment

After completing the online intake, students will be contacted by DRC staff to schedule the initial meeting. During this meeting the consultant will review all documentation provided and engage the student in an interactive conversation regarding the functional impact of the disability. The appropriateness of accommodation(s) will also be discussed.