Graduate School Bulletin - Spring 2006


The College of Arts and Sciences (Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and the Department of Hispanic Studies) and the College of Education (Curriculum and Instruction) offer a graduate program leading to the MATWL degree (Master of Arts in Teaching World Languages).

Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission must be concurrently approved by the Graduate School and the Teacher Education Program (TEP). They are then reviewed by the Director the MATWL Program in consultation with the MATWL Program Faculty Committee.
Candidates seeking admission to the MATWL program in one of the modern languages must demonstrate proficiency in that language with a rating of at least Intermediate High on the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview. Candidates in one of the modern languages must also document a course of study that reflects mastery of language structure, a broad range of modern and classical literature, and the history of the relevant culture(s). Candidates in Latin must document a course of study that reflects mastery of language structure, knowledge of the literature, history, mythology, and culture of ancient Rome and Greece, and proficiency in oral reading. Documentation of such a course of study typically consists of an undergraduate degree in a world language that includes a major in the appropriate language and/or other coursework sufficient to fulfill the MATWL admission requirements. Although each language area has its unique requirements, candidates typically have 48 to 66 credit hours in their academic teaching specialties.

An applicant may be provisionally admitted without meeting all of the minimum standards if other factors, including letters of recommendation, the writing samples (English and L2), and the oral interviews (English and L2), indicate an ability to perform satisfactorily in graduate-level work. Presentation of a minimum Graduate Record Examination score (GRE) and a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) does not, however, automatically guarantee admission to the program, as the final decision depends on an evaluation of all materials submitted and the Program Faculty's assessment of the applicant's potential for successful graduate study.

In addition to assuring that the applicant has met the admission requirements of the Graduate School, the Director and the program Faculty Committee carefully evaluates the following materials:

Other specific requirements include:

Graduate school applications must be returned to the graduate School Office, and the TEP application to the Director of the MATWL Program, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures, 1055 Patterson Office Tower, University of Kentucky, Lexington KY 40506-0027. For admission in the program, all materials should be received by the MATWL Director no later than February 15.

Degree Requirements

Assessments which are a condition for successful completion of the MATWL program include:

The Portfolio

The Kentucky EPSB New Teacher Standards are the organizing principle of the Portfolio. Students begin the Portfolio in their first semester and continue it into their last semester. It documents a student's teaching philosophy and reflection on the practicum and field experiences. Because the portfolio is an integral part of the exit requirement, a student must produce a well-designed portfolio if s/he is to be recommended for certification. Portfolios are evaluated for:

For further information concerning the MATWL program , consult the program Director.


College of Education

EDC 600 Classroom Management

EDP 500/600 Educational Psychology

EDS 600 Survey of Special Education

College of Arts and Sciences (Methods Courses)

MCL 510 Methods of Teaching World Languages K-8

MCL 610 Methods of Teaching World Languages 9-12

MCL 601 Teaching internship

College of Arts and Sciences (Sample Language Content Courses)

Classics (Latin)

CLA 511 Studies in Roman Philology/Latin Composition

CLA 512 Studies in Roman Philology/Latin Composition

CLA 523 Lucretius, De Rerum Natura

CLA 527 Roman Imperial Poetry and Prose


FR 510 Structure and Stylistics of French

FR 606 Lit. of the Middle Ages: Courtesy and the Noble Court

FR 609 Barthes, Culture, and the Seventeenth Century

FR 617 Enlightenment and Voyage

FR 630 Littérature et culture des Antilles


GER 507 Advanced German Composition and Conversation

GER 520 Literary and Artistic Contexts 1890-1910

GER 616 German Film

GER 630 Studies in the 20th Century: German Lit. & Culture

GER 650 Literature, Politics, and the Media since 1989

GER 721 German Drama and the Holocaust

Hispanic Studies

SPA 600 History of the Spanish Language

SPA 601 Studies in Spanish Pedagogy

SPA 602 Studies in Spanish Linguistics

SPA 608 Special Topics in Spanish Literature and Culture

SPA 609 Special Topics in Spanish American Literature and Culture

SPA 690 Studies in Spanish and/or Latin American Film


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