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Notes for Contributors

Political Behavior is an interdisciplinary journal publishing research pertaining to political behavior, broadly defined to include attitudes and opinions, as well as actual behavior. We invite work focused at either the individual or the institutional level (political parties, interest groups, government agencies, or the mass media), among elites as well as masses, and in a comparative as well as a U.S. context. We encourage a variety of approaches to the study of political behavior, including economic (e.g., preference structuring, bargaining), psychological (e.g., attitude formation and change, motivation, and perception), sociological (e.g., roles, groups, class), and political (e.g., decision making) perspectives. Contributors are requested to follow the stylistic guidelines indicated below.

Manuscripts will be considered with the understanding that they are original, have not been previously published, and, if accepted, they will be part of the journal copyright filed by the publisher.

Authors are requested to download the Consent to Publish and Transfer of Copyright form. Please send a completed and duly signed form either by mail or fax to the Editorial Office of Political Behavior.  Authors should follow the instructions for manuscript preparation given below.

The Editors
Political Behavior
c/o Amie DeSouza
Kluwer Academic Publishers
101 Philip Drive
Norwell, MA 02061

Tel: (781)871-6600
Fax: (781)878-0449

Manuscripts should be typed double spaced throughout, including the reference list, and generally should not exceed 30 pages in length. Authors should submit manuscripts on the Kluwer website at It is necessary to first register as an author (use the link at the top of the page), and then to follow instructions using the “Submit a Manuscript” link. Please include an abstract of approximately 125 words.

References are cited by name and year in the text and listed alphabetically in the reference list. Be sure that all references listed are cited in the text, and all those cited are listed. Check that spellings of names and years in the text agree with the list. References should be styled according to the following examples:

Gibson, James L., and Anderson, Arthur J. (1985). The political implications of elite and mass tolerance. Political Behavior 7: 118-146.

Huckfeldt, Robert (1986). Politics in Context: Assimilation and Conflict in Urban Neighborhoods. New York: Agathon Press.

Chapter in edited book
Dodd, Lawrence C. (1985). The cycles of legislative change: building a dynamic theory. In Herbert F. Weisberg (ed.), Political Science: The Science of Politics, pp. 82-104. New York: Agathon Press.

Reports, theses, etc.
Style title like an article, with as much source information as possible.

Address all editorial correspondence and general questions to Jon Hurwitz and Mark Peffley at Alternatively, the editors can be reached at: Jon Hurwitz, Department of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, 4L01 Posvar Hall, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 (412-648-7273); Mark Peffley, Department of Political Science, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506 (859-257-7033). Please do not send manuscripts to these addresses. More general information about Political Behavior can be found at the journal’s web site: