Stratigraphy of Coal-bearing strata of the Big Sandy District

Compiled by Donald Chesnut, 1997


Beds, Zones, Members


Richardson coal zone [incorrectly No. 5 Block]

member P

Broas coal zone
[incorrectly Stockton 
or Lewiston]


Stoney Fork Member



Bulan shale member

Mudseam or Hatcher
coal zone

Peach Orchard
coal zone

member O


Arnett Member

Hazard or Black Gem coal zone

member N

Haddix coal zone

Trace Fork coal

Magoffin Member


Taylor coal zone

shale member M

Hamlin coal zone

member L

Fire Clay rider coal

member K

Fire Clay, Springfield, Jackrock, Bevins or Flatwoods coal [incorrectly Chilton]

member J

upper Whitesburg coal

coal zone

member I

lower Whitesburg coal

Kendrick Shale


Williamson or Gun Creek coal

Amburgy coal zone

Elkins Fork shale

Nosben or Upper
Elkhorn No. 3.5 coal

Upper Elkhorn No. 3
or Thacker
coal zone

Dwale shale

Van Lear, Millers Creek,
or Sidney coal

member H

Upper Elkhorn No. 2
or Lacey Creek coal

Alma coal zone

member G

Upper Elkhorn No. 1 coal

Crummies Member

Pond Creek rider coal

Lower Elkhorn or
Pond Creek
coal zone

Pond Creek or Freeburn coal

member F

Unnamed coal zone

Wheelersburg coal

Betsie Shale Member


Bingham coal zone

Clintwood , Matewan or Feds Creek coal

Corbin Sandstone Member

Mohawk coal?

Millard coal zone

Partridge shale mbr.

Glamorgan, Blair,
or Cedar coal zone

Molus shale mbr.

Hagy rider or
Little Cedar coal

Hagy coal zone

Hagy or Auxier coal

shale member D

Splash Dam or Mine Fork coal

Dave Branch shale

Elswick, Federal or
Upper Banner coal zone

Banner coal zone

Lower Banner coal

Bee Rock

Bee Rock Sandstone