Stratigraphy of Coal-bearing strata of the Middlesboro Subdistrict,
Upper Cumberland River District

Compiled by Donald Chesnut, 1997


Beds, Zones, Members


Red Springs coal zone

member N

Low Splint coal zone

Magoffin Member


coal zone

shale member M

Copper Spur coal zone

Hignite coal zone

Stray coal zone

Kendrick Shale


Sterling or Klondike coal

Poplar Lick coal

Elkins Fork shale

Buckeye Spring, Sandstone Parting or Jack Rock coal

member H

Mingo or Yellow Creek coal zone

Crummies Member

Rich Mountain coal zone

member F

Phoebe coal

Betsie Shale Member


Bennetts Fork coal

Kent coal

Partridge shale mbr.

Chenoa or Mason coal

Molus shale mbr.

shale member D

Splitseam coal

Dave Branch shale

Clear Fork coal

Yellow Creek Sandstone Member

Naese coal

Bee Rock

Naese Sandstone Member

unnamed coal

Bee Rock Sandstone

Alvy Creek

Hensley Member

Coal Cliff member

Tunnel or Raven coal

Sewanee Sandstone

Sewanee Sandstone

"Middlesboro Member"

Bottom Creek

Dark Ridge Member

Cumberland Gap coal

Warren Point Sandstone

Chadwell Member of Warren Point Sandstone