• Kentucky Department of Mines and Minerals (502) 573-0140): The Department of Mines and Minerals is responsible for several services that are important to the coal mining industry, including publishing coal production data for Kentucky, archiving deep-mine maps, and responding to and reporting on mine fatalities.
  • Office of Kentucky Coal Council (859-246-2500): The Office assists the government, industry, and public with information regarding marketing and exporting of coal, as well as many other facets of the coal industry. They annually co-publish the very informative, " Pocket Guide to Kentucky Coal Facts ," and were instrumental in developing the  Coal Education Web Site .
  • Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet (502-564-3350): This cabinet includes the Department for Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (502-564-6940), which is responsible for abandoned mine lands and mine permitting, and the Department for Environmental Protection (502-564-3035), which includes divisions for waste management, water, and air quality control.
  • Kentucky Revenue Cabinet (502-564-3226): The Revenue Cabinet is responsible for administering coal severance tax (502-564-6734) and for mineral valuation for property taxation (502-564-8334).
  • University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (859-257-0305): The Center conducts a wide range of research on coal and coal-related technology, from chemical and physical properties of coal to engineering research on coal-firing equipment.
  • National Energy Information Center ( U.S. Department of Energy ) (202-586-8800): The Information Center supplies information on coal production (based on different data than the Kentucky Department of Mines and Minerals), coal uses, coal reserves, exports, and markets.
  • Production Trends of Major US-coal Producing Regions (US Geological Survey).
  • Coal Availability Studies of the US (US Geological Survey).
  • Kentucky Coal Association (859-233-4743)
  • Western Kentucky Coal Association (502-223-1437, 502-825-3898)
  • Coal Operators and Associates, Inc. (606-432-2161)
  • National Coal Association (202-463-9780)
  • American Coal Foundation (202-466-8630)


Last Modified on 2023-01-05
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