Site Response in the Central United States

Seth Carpenter, Zhenming Wang, and Ed Woolery (a professor in the University of Kentucky Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences) received a research grant from the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program to study ground-motion site response in the New Madrid and Wabash Valley Seismic Zones. They are conducting detailed site investigations and analyzed seismic data from 12 seismic stations as part of KGS’s ongoing research on site response in the central United States. Seth Carpenter, Zhenming Wang, and Ed Woolery published “An Evaluation of Linear Site-Response Parameters in the Central and Eastern United States and the Importance of Empirical Site-Response Estimations” in Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America in April 2020. They demonstrated that current engineering practice does not accurately account for site response and investigated alternative, physics-based parameters, which proved to be viable and relatively simple. They also evaluated an inexpensive and noninvasive single-station empirical technique and found that it provides first-order measurements of site-response. The Center for Earthquake Research and Information at the University of Memphis invited Carpenter to present a seminar, “Primary Ground-Motion Site Response Characteristics in the Central U.S.,” on April 24, 2020.

Ed Woolery and Zhenming Wang collect seismic data at EarthScope station S46A in Henderson County.



Last Modified on 2020-09-28
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