One of the activities 4-H members in Kentucky may participate in is the collection of rocks, minerals, and fossils. The following are the rules and guidelines for collections that will be submitted to County and State fairs in the geology division (6028).  Rock, mineral, and fossil collecting is a fun hobby. It can be like a treasure hunt.  When hunting for samples always be safe and respectful of private property.  Talk to your local 4-H agent for information and ideas. There are also many books and websites that can help introduce you to this fun hobby.  Rocks, minerals, and fossils have different characteristics and require different methods for identifying the type of rock, mineral or fossil you find. The following guidelines will help you with your collections. Have fun!

Geology Division (6028) Instruction

4-H Kentucky rules and guidelines for putting together a rock, mineral, and/or fossil collection

Geology Division (6028) Instructions

Rock, mineral, and fossil collecting websites
4-H geology sites in other states

Many states have 4-H geology activities. The rules and regulations for these activities differ from state to state. Some states provide additional material such as information about rock and mineral identification and links to additional educational information. Those sites are listed here. Some of the information at these sites may provide information that helps you with your collections. Remember that the rocks, minerals, and fossils which can be collected in other states may differ from those that can be collected in Kentucky.

Geology (6048) label instructions

Labels and guidelines for filling out labels for your rock, mineral, and fossil specimens

First, determine if your specimen is a rock, mineral, and/or fossil. This website has links to sites that can help you determine if the specimen you've collected is a rock, mineral, or fossil. There are also many books that can help with rock, mineral, and fossil identification. Next, use the appropriate label for a rock, mineral, or fossil and follow the label instruction for your specific specimen. Each year (class) can use rocks, minerals, and fossils in their display, but rock specimens must use rock labels, mineral specimens must use mineral labels, and fossil specimens must use fossil labels. Make sure that the total number of specimens do not exceed the number allowed for the year (class) you are entering.

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