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Geologic and Paleontologic Cook Book
How to make edible goodies for teaching and fun!

Would you like to make edible prehistoric critters?

Do you want to explore and mine for edible ores?

Would you like to make science fun and tasty?

Maybe you just want to start people talking about your next appetizer tray?

Then this is the site for you. The following are some edible suggestions. Some were concocted by our own resident paleontologists and scientists, others are links to sites elsewhere on the web. If you know of links to other recipes, or want to submit a recipe yourself, please contact Stephen F. Greb at the Kentucky Geological Survey. The only guidelines are that the activity, model, or exercise, should use food to illustrate, demonstrate, or explain an earth-science concept, and that the activity, model, or exercise can be safely eaten (at least in part) when finished.

Prehistoric appetizers

Prehistoric desserts

Other food-based earth-science delectables

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