Carbon Cycle

Global Carbon Cycle. Woods Hole Research Center. Short summary of the carbon cycle with good graphics and easy to understand information.

What is the Carbon Cycle? The UCAR Center for Science Education (UCAR SciEd). Short, on-line classroom activity in which students explore the carbon cycle.

Carbon Cycle Demo. Utah State Office of Education.

The Carbon Cycle. EPA Kids. Short, animated, online slide show explaining the carbon cycle and principal terms for elementary students.

Carbon Cycles, Teach Engineering-Resources For K12. Grades 6-8. Students are introduced to the concept of energy cycles by learning about the carbon cycle. Students will consider how human activities have disturbed the carbon cycle by emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They will discuss how engineers and scientists are working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Lastly, students will consider how they can help the world through simple energy conservation measures.

Dinosaur Breath, Teach Engineering-Resources For K12. Grades 6-8. Through discussion and hands-on experimentation, students learn about the geological (ancient) carbon cycle. They investigate the role of dinosaurs in the carbon cycle and the eventual storage of carbon in the form of chalk. Students discover how the carbon cycle has been occurring for millions of years and is necessary for life on Earth.

The Carbon Cycle. Earth Observatory, NASA. Excellent source for information and graphics concerning the carbon cycle. Includes an introduction, biological and physical carbon, photosynthesis and respiration, carbon on the land and in the ocean, human role in carbon cycle, NASA missions to study the carbon cycle, and references.

The Earth's Carbon Cycle . Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences.

Introduction to Climate Change. The United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment). Provides 14 excellent graphics on the carbon cycle, planets and atmospheres, observed climate trends, impacts of climate change, temperatures and CO 2 curves, greenhouse effect, global atmospheric CO 2 and more. These images are free to use for educational purposes.

The Ocean and the Carbon Cycle. NASA Science. Good explanation of the ocean's role in the carbon cycle with good graphics.

Global Carbon Cycle. NOAA. This Global Carbon Cycle (GCC) program site offers a variety of technical information on oceanic carbon flux. The education section offers online videos and reports.


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