Environmental Science

EnviroMapper. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This site provides information on areas that are monitored across the United States in map view. From the main map you can zoom in on an area (e.g., a state and then county or city) or scroll down and type in a state, county, city, watershed, or zip code to view a map that shows monitoring areas for water discharges, Superfund sites, hazardous waste, toxic releases, air emissions, BRS (biennial reporting system), and multiple activities. You choose which features you want to identify on the map. Various geographic features (roads, rivers, federal lands, etc.) can also be added.

EnviroFacts. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Choose a topic: waste, water, toxics, air, land, radiation, compliance, and other. Then choose from one of several common querries (questions) about that topic and input a city, state, or region. For example, for “Water”, choose “What companies have been issued permits to discharge waste water into rivers in my area of interest?” Then type in a city, state or region. A data table is provided that provides the answer to the question for the area you chose.

NASA Kids' Club, NASA. This site is planned and operated by students and contains pictures and information about the earth as viewed from space. Under the education and curriculum heading, Unit 3 is about ice and glaciers and contains lesssons, goals, and objectives. There is also information about how pictures are taken from space, mission information, a photo gallery, and teacher training.


Last Modified on 2023-01-05
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