Jurassic/Cretaceous—Pteradactyls, the flying reptiles

Giants of the Skys. British Broadcasting Company. Part of the "Walking with Dinosaurs" series. Provides background information on the Cretaceous of South America, including general overviews of climate, landscapes, plate positions, some European dinosaurs, and the flying reptiles Ornithocheirus and Tapejara (pteradactyls).

Pteradactyls. Enchanted Learning. Short, nontechnical summary of the pterodactyls, their size, behavior, types, and classification. Also has information sheets and printouts for coloring.

Introduction to the Pterosauria--The Flying Reptiles. University of California, Berkeley. Short summary of the pterosaurs, with pictures, and an interesting discussion of pterasaurian flight capabilities.

The World's Largest Flier. Big Bend National Park, U.S. National Park Service. Short description of discovery of Quetzalcoatlus northropi, with comments on pterasaur


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