Mesozoic/Cenozoic Era—Bugs and more in amber

World of Amber. Susie Ward Aber, Emporia State University. Good, non-technical web site, provides information on amber's origins, occurrence, types of amber, life in amber, uses, references, and more.

Fossil Insect Classification. Virtual Museum, Tree of Life Project. Short description of insect evolution and chart of insect taphonomy (classification) identifying the age of the oldest known fossil for each order. Click on an order to see images of fossils; many of them (especially Cretaceous and Cenozoic examples) are in amber. For those who want to see a mosquito in amber (like in the movies, but real) click on the order Diptera.

Amber Home . Garry Platt, Great Britain. Good, non-technical web site by an amber collector. Describes how amber forms, properties of amber, description of amber from different countries, and has pictures of insects and other organisms in amber.




Last Modified on 2023-01-05
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