Topography and Elevation (highest points) Web Sites

Highest Point Map. This website has a map and data table with the highest elevations for each state in the United States.

Geology of United States Highpoints. University of New Hampshire. Provides geologic information on the highest elevations in each state, ranked by elevation, state, geologic age, and rock type at the summit.

Color Landform Atlas of the United States . John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. This site lets you select any state in the United States. For each state there are various map options including a shaded color relief map, a shaded color relief map with county boundaries, a black and white shaded relief map, detailed maps of areas within the state, a satellite image, historic maps, and a post-script map. These maps are wonderful tools for illustrating geography or physiography within each state. Landforms and the manner in which landforms change across each state are wonderfully shown in shaded relief. Links are also provided to other web sites to provide more information and facts about the state chosen.


Last Modified on 2023-01-05
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