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Water Science for Schools, U.S. Geological Survey. This site is the place for people of all ages to come and learn all about the many aspects of water, from what it is, to how much and where it is, how it cycles around and in the Earth, to how it is used. Below is the list of available water topics for you to explore.

Water Cycle. Division of Water Resources, Utah. Simplified online image of the water cycle with interactive links to water cycle, evaporation, condensation, and location of water. Links to these topics in the cycle have short, easy-to-understand descriptions, images, and animations.

Water Cycle Lithograph, NASA. This site provides a pdf with information about the water cycle and water cycle research, a colorful diagram and short explanation of the water cycle, and a classroom activity: Create Your Own Water Cycle Model, with instructions for using an aquarium to make a water cycle model.

Water Cycle Animations. Geographyalltheway.com. This site provides online animations (basic and advanced) of the water cycle. Pdfs of a cartoon booklet featuring “Dropletta,” the water droplet can also be downloaded for younger students to make their own small coloring book.

Exploring the Environment, NASA. A NASA Classroom of the Future, provides a Water Quality module for middle and high school students under Modules and Activities. The module provides data from a case study of water quality in Wheeling Creek, and provides background information on the water cycle, hydrosphere, methods of water monitoring, forms of pollution, and the importance of water.

Hydrology lnvestigation, NASA. The Hydrology investigation contains background material, suggestions for hands-on field-based investigations and data collections. Protocols include how to design a hydrology investigation, collecting water samples, testing for water clarity, temperature, pH, and other attributes. This site is aimed at classrooms that want to collect and exchange data, so is probably more suited to 8-12 grade classrooms. Several other science investigations are offered.

Project WET. Water Education for Teachers. This project is ongoing and designed to promote the awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of water resources through the development and dissemination of classroom ready teaching aids and through the establishment of state and internationally sponsored Project WET programs. The site provides a list of activities, short course schedules, and ways to have your class become project members.

Kentucky Water Watch. Kentucky Division of Water. This site provides information about how to get your class involved in water quality monitoring, and community education. Also provides an annual poster and essay contest for students.



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