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Geology, Hydrocarbon Production, and Horizontal Drilling in the Upper Devonian Berea Sandstone, Eastern Kentucky: References and Data Resources

Compiled by David Harris, Kentucky Geological Survey, June 2013.

The Berea Sandstone has been a major producer of natural gas in eastern Kentucky for decades, but recent horizontal drilling activity in northeastern Kentucky has generated new interest in this reservoir interval. In this area, the Berea produces oil in addition to gas due to the lower thermal maturity of the adjacent source rocks. Horizontal drilling combined with hydraulic fracturing technology have been successful in enhancing oil production rates compared to older vertical wells. The references and data sources linked below are provided to assist oil and gas operators in understanding the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Upper Devonian Berea Sandstone, with particular emphasis on the emerging horizontal oil play.

Berea Sandstone outcrop on Ky. Highway 10, south of Garrison, Kentucky (Lewis County)
Berea Sandstone outcrop on Ky. Highway 10, south of Garrison, Kentucky (Lewis County)
showing characteristic ball and pillow structures in thinner siltstone and shale beds.
Latitude 38.59843, Longitude -83.172544, Photo by Cortland Eble, KGS.

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Berea Sandstone Consortium Proposal

Click here to download the proposal. Response Deadline April 11, 2014

Berea Sandstone Core Analysis Data:

Click to download a spreadsheet of porosity and permeability data

Berea Sandstone Technical Presentations

Berea Sandstone Publications

Berea Sandstone Theses and Dissertations

Eastern Kentucky Berea Sandstone Tight Formation Committee Reports
(These KGS Open-File Reports include oversize plates. Please use the "View Pocket/Figure Information" link to download the separate plates.)

Berea Sandstone Field Guidebooks

Thermal Maturity Maps and Publications (Devonian black shales)

Kentucky Geological Survey Oil and Gas Well Searches
(These links will return lists of permitted horizontal wells in the specified counties with significant Berea activity. Some of these wells have scanned documents and logs available for viewing after installation of the DjVu browser plug-in. Note that horizontal wells included in the results may include target formations other than the Berea. The selected wells can be mapped by clicking the "Map Results on Geologic Map Service" button.)