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FAQ: Do I have oil (or gas) on my property?

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Oil and gas producing counties, 2006. Click to view larger image.
Counties with reported oil and gas production for 2006
(latest year for which production data are publicly available).

This question is related to several others:

The only way to be certain is to drill a well. Even if hydrocarbons are present, whether or not recovering that oil or gas can be profitable is dependent on many factors. If you live in an area of known oil or gas production and have producing wells on surrounding tracts of land, the probability of having oil or gas increases. However, even with nearby producing wells, there is always an element of risk in exploration and development of petroleum resources.

Charts oil or gas production data by county, region, or statewide are available, see the oil and gas production page.

Searching for wells using areas and search limits.

Searching for wells using an interactive map.

Note that the map and tabular searches are linked to each other. From the map, you can get to the table and display the scanned well record images and from the table, you can display a map showing the well location.


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