Part of the fun of collecting is finding your own sites by learning to use the geologic quadrangle maps for your area (see below). We do not have published lists of fossil-collecting localities. The laws governing fossil collecting in Kentucky are the same as in most states: you need to get permission from the landowner before you enter and collect. Native American artifacts are protected by the Kentucky Antiquities Law.

For more information on Kentucky fossils, see "Guide to Progression of Life," published by the Kentucky Geological Survey. In addition, geologic quadrangle maps (GQ's) contain an abundance of information useful to the collector. These and several other paleontological publications are listed in the Survey's List of Publications. For further information, contact Dr. Stephen Greb at the Kentucky Geological Survey, (859) 257-5500.

Did I find a fossil?

You may also want to contact: Kentucky Paleontological Society, Inc. They have regularly scheduled monthly meetings with presentations and have monthly fossil-collecting field trips. This organization is for all ages.

Last Modified on 2020-06-01
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