Conostichus species

Table of Conostichus species

Table summarizing Conostichus species with comparison of some of their salient features (from descriptions in Pemberton and others, 1988). *Relative heights and diameters (widths) are variable for each species so relationships shown in table should be taken as a guide rather than a rule. Also, although details of the apical bulb and exterior sculpturing were defined for each species, these might also show more variability than defined. Some older species names have been synonomized under the names shown in the table.

Species names are generally not used for Conostichus outside of detailed trace fossil (ichnology) research. All of these species, however, could probably be found in Kentucky. Most of the Conostichus specimens in the Kentucky Geological Survey’s collection are broad (wider than tall) or equant, and have an apical disc or bulb, so are more likely C. broadheadi, C. typicus, or C. ornatus. Most lack lobes on their bulbs, which would be C. broadheadi under the Pemberton and others (1988) classification. The collection also has a few taller than wide specimens with flatter basal lobes with no divisions, which might be C. stouti or C. wychlerlyi.

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