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Invertebrate Fossils (Shell fish, etc.)

Of the two groups of animals, invertebrates make up the most abundant animal life on earth. Most invertebrate fossils found in Kentucky had hard skeletons and lived in shallow seas. The types (classes) of invertebrate animals commonly found as fossils in Kentucky include:

Sponges (Porifera)
Corals (Coelenterata or Cnidaria)
Moss animals (Bryozoa or Entoprocta and Ectoprocta)
Lamp-shelled animals, common type of fossil sea shell (Brachiopoda)
Sea shells, clams, snails, and cephalopods, etc. (Mollusca)
Bug-like animals, trilobites, etc. (Arthropoda)
Spiny-skinned animals, crinoids, starfish, etc. (Echinodermata)
Conodonts (Conodonta)