Plate XXXIV: Ordovician and Silurian pelecypods and brachiopods

Figure Number Modern genus and species 1889 Genus and species Phyllum or Class Age, etc.
1-6 ? Cypricardites halli n. sp. pelecypod Ordovician
7-13 Orthorhynchula linneyi (Nettleroth) Orthis linneyi n. sp. brachiopod Ordovician
14-20 ? Orthis borealis Billings 1859 brachiopod Ordovician
21-25 ? Zygospira kentuckiensis n. sp. brachiopod Ordovician
26-29 Hiscobeccus capax (Conrad) Rhynchonella capax Conrad brachiopod Ordovician
30 ? Orthis flabellulum Sowerby 1839 brachiopod Silurian
31-34 Stricklandia louisvillensis (Nettleroth) Stricklandinia louisvillensis n. sp. brachiopod Silurian
35 ? Cyrtia exporrecta var. arrecta Hall 1872 brachiopod Silurian





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