Mineral and Fuel Resources Map of Kentucky

Warren H. Anderson and Garland R. Dever, 1998


This is a 1:500,000-scale map of Kentucky showing major occurrences of mineral resources such as limestone, dolomite, fluorite, sand and gravel, and clay. It also shows major producing areas of coal, oil, and gas, as well as the locations of many mines and quarries, mineral occurrences, gas-storage fields, and tar-sand resource areas. The ink jet plotted paper map is 36” x 57”.

To view a small, easy to download (file size 300 kb) sample of this map showing a portion of the state, click on min-samp.pdf.

To view the entire map (file size 2 Mb), click on Minmap.pdf.

1:500,000-Scale Map of Kentucky

Compiled by Terry Hounshell

Sold on CD only. $30.00

This map consists of a series of digital files that can be useful to anyone using ArcView, AutoCad Release 14, or MacroMedia Freehand. For section below for more information. To view a small, easy to download (file size 273kb) sample of this map showing a portion of the state, click on kymap-samp.pdf. To view the entire map (file size 1.1 Mb), click on kymap.pdf.

More Detailed Information

The digital files on this CD were created in AutoCAD at the Kentucky Geological Survey. They are being released for public distribution as Kentucky Geological Survey open-file report OF-99-01. The files can be imported into ARC/INFO, ArcView, MacroMedia FreeHand, and possibly some other software packages. The files can also be useful in GIS applications as a base map for plotting purposes as a substitute for a larger scale base map that would be too detailed to plot effectively at 1:500,000 or smaller scales. The files are separated into three subdirectories: Acad-14, Dd-shapes, and Dxfmaps. The files in Acad-14 are AutoCad Release 14 files (North American Datum of 1927, Lambert Conformal Conic Projection, standard parallels 33° and 45°). The files in Dd-shapes are all shape files in decimal degrees, North American Datum of 1983. The files in Dxfmaps are all AutoCad DXF files, Release 12, and are in paper inches. Text included in some of the DWG and DXF files is not included in the shape files, even as block attributes. This digital publication is a work in progress. More files are likely to be offered in future revisions.

The state and county boundaries were digitized in AutoCAD from a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) 1:500,000-scale, stable-base Mylar map. Most of the other files were digitized at 1:500,000 scale also. Thus, these files are best used and plotted at 1:500,000 or smaller scales. The following is a brief description of each file: