KGS publishes new StoryMap, "Camp Nelson National Monument—A Geologic Story"

Camp Nelson National Monument has a rich history tied to its geologic setting. Kentucky Geological Survey's StoryMap, “Camp Nelson National Monument—A Geologic Story” explains how the geology and landscape of the site provided an ideal location for a military camp. Camp Nelson preserves the site of a Union military post from the American Civil War. The camp was a training center for African American soldiers escaping slavery by joining the Union Army. Many of these soldiers brought their families with them to the camp in their quest for freedom.

The StoryMap about Camp Nelson, authored by William Andrews and Doug Curl, is available on the KGS website,

The StoryMap was presented by William Haneberg as part of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Geoheritage webinar series,

The image is a screen capture of a historic map and LiDAR data. Image by Doug Curl and William Andrews.

Historic Map:

A.B. Miller, 1866, Map of Camp Nelson Showing the Location of Buildings: digital scan of reproduction hand-drafted map, 1 inch = 400 ft, 1 sheet.

The LiDAR basemap is the hillshade from the KYFromAbove LiDAR data -

camp nelson storymap
Last Modified on 2023-01-05
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