New services and data added to KGS minerals page and map service

KGS has updated its minerals page and minerals database and map service on its website, adding new features and information for anyone interested in Kentucky’s mineral resources. Publications about Kentucky minerals are now easily accessible to users of the service by simply clicking anywhere on the boundary of a state map. The page will display a list of publications about mineral deposits, including clay, black shale, sand, and gravel; regional publications about each of Kentucky’s mineral districts are also available.

Clay analyses as well as data on sand and uranium in Kentucky can now be found on the map service. Users can zoom into the map and click on a location of interest to find this information, if it is available, for the chosen location. They can also use the Find Mineral Features search tab on the left side of the map, selecting Commodity or Site Name.

Original geologic quadrangle maps on Mylar and field notes are now available for most quadrangles in the Western Kentucky Fluorspar District, along with new core data, logs, photographs, map information, and publications.

A new structure map is available for the Southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee Mineral Districts. The information on this map can be useful for exploration and mining companies, geologists, landowners, and mineral collectors. The recent update to the database and map is the second in the last five years.


The KGS minerals database and interactive map service now contain more information and additional services for people interested in Kentucky's mineral resources.



Last Modified on 2023-01-05
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