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Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository

The Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository was initiated in 1990 by the Kentucky Geological Survey under mandate from the Kentucky legislature (KRS 151:035). The repository was established to archive and disseminate groundwater data collected by State agencies, other organizations, and independent researchers.

The repository database currently contains information for water wells, springs, and suites of water-quality analyses. The water-well data includes information such as location, usage, total depth, and static water level, casing and lithology (not available for all wells).  Water-quality data is categorized as follows: bulk water properties, caffeine and derivatives, herbicides, inorganics, metals, nutrients, PCB’s, pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, radionuclides, semi-volatile organic compounds, volatile organic compounds, and other constituents. All search results can be displayed on various base maps, including aerial photography, shaded-relief topography, and digital geology. In addition, users have the capability to graph groundwater-quality data using three types of plots: cumulative, analytical value versus well depth, or box-and-whisker diagrams.

Searching the databases:

Water well and spring data can be accessed online at no charge. Users can select a search method by county, 7.5-minute quadrangle, or by a radius from a user-specified latitude and longitude. The information gathered from this search can be downloaded to text files for use in spreadsheets or GIS applications. The data can also be displayed in map form.  Use the following link to access the online water well and spring search engine.  

Water-quality data can be accessed online at the following link: As with water well and spring data, water-quality data can be downloaded to text files or displayed in map form.  For questions or comments about the Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository or any of the online water-related search engines, please contact