KGS has maintained a presence in western Kentucky since 1948, when R.E. Puryear first opened an office in the Henderson city government building. The facility is staffed with an office manager and members of the KGS Water Resources, Geologic Mapping, and the Geoscience Information sections. The office responds to assistance requests from local governments, industrial and agricultural interests, while also doing educational outreach and geologic research.

Staff at the Western Kentucky Office in Henderson have conducted research, in areas such as carbon storage, enhanced oil and gas recovery, surface and groundwater resources, coal resources and analysis, geologic hazards, and geologic mapping.

1401 Corporate Court

  • Henderson, Kentucky 42420
  • Tel: (270) 827-3414
  • FAX: (270) 827-1117
General Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8-5
To make an appointment to visit the office, contact (270) 827-3414 ext 23.
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