KGS has maintained a presence in western Kentucky since 1948, when R.E. Puryear first opened an office in the Henderson city government building. Since that time, Western Kentucky Office staff have responded to geologically related inquiries from local, state and federal government agencies, oil and gas producers, coal companies, environmental consultants, industry, agriculture and citizens of the Commonwealth, while also conducting geologic research.

The Western Kentucky Office is currently staffed with one KGS full-time geologist, one KGS part-time temporary employee and one UK Department of Plant and Soil Sciences full-time field scientist.

Located at the Western Kentucky Office is a seismic station that is part of the Kentucky Seismic and Strong-Motion Network and a groundwater observation well that is part of the Kentucky Groundwater Observation Network. The seismic station and groundwater well are instrumented and actively collecting real-time data as part of two legislatively mandated state-wide networks.

1401 Corporate Court

  • Henderson, Kentucky 42420
  • Tel: (270) 827-3414
Operational Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am–5pm
Public access to the office is by appointment only.
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