University of Kentucky




An Emigrant
Ode to Kentucky
The King Library Press, Lexington, 1992


The present edition of "An Ode to Kentucky" is thought to be the second separate printing of the earliest known poem about Kentucky. In 1983 the Fonthill Press printed copies in honor of David Chambers.

Set by hand in Caslon Oldstyle type, two hundred copies have been hand-printed on Rives mould-made paper on the Gravesend press at the King Library, University of Kentucky, celebrating the bicentennial of the Commonwealth. The heraldic tobacco has been taken from a wood engraving by Leo Wyatt.

It is hoped that the arcadian vision of Kentucky presented here may serve to make the citizens of the Commonwealth more appreciative of our democratic liberties, and increasingly more careful stewards of our environment and all of its resources, during the next two hundred years.