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Robert Penn Warren and Cleanth Brooks
Friends of Their Youth
King Library Press, Lexington, 1993


These letters are from the collections in the Beincke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, and are used with kind permission of Cleanth Brooks, and the Estate of Robert Penn Warren.

Copyright notices

[1] The letters of Robert Penn Warren, copyright © 1993, by the Estate of Robert Penn Warren.

[2] The letters of Cleanth Brooks, copyright © 1993, by Cleanth Brooks.

[3] Special contents, copyright © 1993, by James A. Grimshaw, Jr.


Composition, presswork & binding were done by Karen Ellenberg, Dave Elbon, Allan Hetzel, Roger C. Adams, Patrick Brendan Points, Mary Blythe Daniels, George Medina, Nancy Athene, Paige Daniel & Jo Nell Webb (apprentices to Paul Evans Holbrook at the King Library Press, 1993).

The cover papers were decorated by Jonilou Holland.

Boynton Merrill has generously promoted and funded this publication.

This book is patterned after Six Letters of Thomas Merton and Boris Pasternak, 1958-1960 printed by the King Library Press 1973 under the direction of Carolyn Reading Hammer.

One hundred copies