University of Kentucky



Past Seminars and Workshops

Bruce Licher's Independent Press project with Richard Kegler, Fall 2020

Larkspur Press with Gray Zeitz, Fall 2019

Victor Hammer: Artist and Craftsman by Paul Evans Holbrook, Spring 2019

Nineteenth Century American Type and Specimen Books by Stephen O. Saxe and Decorative Paper Marbling by Carolyn Whitesel, Spring 2018

Forty years of making books by hand, Peter and Donna Thomas, Fall 2017

Lessons from Kentucky, Susan King, Spring 2017

The Purpose of Praise: Extending the Tradition of Irish Literary Publishing, Peter Fallon, Spring 2016

The Tudor Book in England, Alex Brooks, Fall 2015

Taller Martín Pescador, A Private Press in Mexico, Juan Pascoe, Fall 2013

Larkspur Press Fortieth Anniversary, Spring 2013

Type Designers and Postage Stamps with Michael Russem, Spring 2012

Calligraphy with Rick Paulus, Fall 2011

Artists’ Books and Bindings with Karen Hanmer, Spring 2011

On Fritz Kredel with Judith Kredel Brown, Spring 2010

One Woman’s Work with Carol Blinn, Fall 2009

A Family Affair: The Yeatses and the Cuala Press with Declan Kiely, Spring 2009

Paul Shaw on the Books of W.A. Dwiggins and Rotunda calligraphy, Fall 2008

Wesley B. Tanner of Passim Editions and Jane Gentry Vance, Kentucky Poet Laureate, Spring 2008

Benjamin Franklin — Author, Printer, and Publisher with Kay Michael Kramer of the Printery, Fall 2007

Hammer Biennale Lecture — Gino Castiglioni and Alessandro Corubolo, Spring 2007

King Library Press Fiftieth Anniversary, Fall 2006

Forty Years of Gnomon Press, Spring 2006

Hammer Biennale Lecture — Printing at the Whittington Press with John Randle, Fall 2005

Calligraphy with Janet Lorence, Spring 2005

Paper and papermaking with Howard and Kathryn Clark of Twinrocker, Fall 2004

Jae Jennifer Rossman on Artists’ Books and Gabrielle Fox on Leather Binding, Spring 2004

Printing Miniature Books and a Scroll Book Workshop with Peter Thomas, Fall 2003

Hammer Biennale — The inaugural Hammer Lecture, "Shakespeare Head: A Great Private Press" by Roderick Cave, 18 April 2003

Typography in the 19th Century and a Kentucky Writer Speaks with Barbara Henry & George Ella Lyon, Fall 2002

The Graphic Arts and the Art of Marbling with Susan Jackson Keig & Milena Hughes, Spring 2002

King Library Press 45th Anniversary, Fall 2001

Fritz Kredel Centenary with Greer Allen and Sue Allen, Fall 2000

Bookplates and Decorative Type, Spring 2000

Bookbinding with Maureen Duke, Fall 1999

Wood Engraving with Wesley Bates, Spring 1999

Larkspur 25: Celebrating A Quarter Century of Gray Zeitz and Larkspur Press, Fall 1998

Artist’s Books with James Foose, Spring 1998

Virginia’s Colonial Printers with Brett Charbeneau, Fall 1997

Dard Hunter, Spring 1997

David Pankow on Rudolf Koch, Fall 1996

Artists’ Books with Anne Anninger, Spring 1996

Working at Colonial Williamsburg with Helen Mageras, Fall 1995

The Arcadian Press with Caren Heft, Spring 1995

Libraries, Bookbinding, Preservation with Nicholas Pickwoad and Gabrielle Fox, Fall 1994

Calligraphy Workshop with Sheila Waters, Fall 1993

Hand Bookbinding with Gabrielle Fox, Spring 1993

A Reading and Two Lectures & a Book Arts Workshop On Marbling and Binding, Fall 1991

“The Yeatses and Their Cuala Press,” Liam Miller, Dolmen Press, Dublin, Ireland, 27 March 1972