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Kentucky's Digitized Historic
African-American and Emancipation Newspapers

The Kentucky Digital Library (KDL) is under renovation.
The links to Browse Issues in the KDL ONLY have been turned off at this time. You can view most titles in the old KDL repository, or check progress on new titles in the new KDL repository.
Once all titles are available in the new KDL (date unknown), we'll turn on the Browse Issues links.

Title City County Years of Publication Years Digitized Status Chronicling America Status
Kentucky Digital Library
Afro-American Mission Herald Louisville Jefferson unknown 1900-1901 Not Available Browse Issues
American Baptist Louisville Jefferson 1879?- 1903-1904 Browse Issues Browse Issues
Examiner Louisville Jefferson 1847-1849 1847-1849 Browse Issues Browse Issues
Kentucky Reporter Owensboro Daviess 19??-191? 1902-1902 Browse Issues Browse Issues
Lexington Standard Lexington Fayette 1892-1912 1900-1911 Browse Issues Browse Issues
Lexington Weekly News Lexington Fayette 1912-19?? 1912-1912 Browse Issues Browse Issues
Reporter Mt. Sterling Montgomery 1904-191? 1904-1906 Not Available Browse Issues
True American Lexington Fayette 1845-1846 1845-1846 Not Available Browse Issues

SEE: UK Libraries' Notable Kentucky African American Database for information on these titles and more.

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