1 Due to the pinching out of the Bedford and Berea, the Sunbury black shale directly overlies the Ohio or New Albany black shale from Irvine southward. Just how much of the black shale in this area, commonly referred to as the Chattanooga shale, is Mississippian (Sunbury) and how much Devonian is uncertain. The term Ohio has been commonly applied in the northeastern area of outcrop, Chattanooga in southern and southeastern, Kentucky and New Albany in the Louisville region. (See section on New Albany-Chattanooga-Ohio in the Devonian chapter).
2 Is not known to extend south into Kentucky in outcrop.
3 Known to extend south into Kentucky only a few miles in surface outcrop.
4 For these beds the name Sulphur Well member is proposed (from Sulphur Well 4 miles southeast of Nicholasville, Jessamine County, Kentucky) (see Ordovician chapter).
5 Decorah locally present.
6 Leray locally present.
7 See footnote [1 in next chapter].